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Why should you attend this webinar?

Are you still struggling to make your ends meet? I know you are not happy with your current job. Common, lets make you an independent profitable trader.

1. Expert guidance and insights

2. Focused learning and hidden strategies shared

3. Exact blue print of how you can earn 1 lakh monthly

4. Learn from an expert. We have made more than 1 lakh successful traders worldwide

5. Because you are among the 1% people who want to do something for themselves

What will You learn in this class?

1. Price Action

2. Important Candlestick Psychology

3. One strategy with which you can make 1 lakh per month consistently.

4. How to make your mind emotionless

Who Is This Mastercalss For

1. New traders

2. Working professionals

3. Freelancers

4. Students

5. Entrepreneurs

6. Professional Degree Holders

Who Is This Not For?

1. Who doesn’t believe in himself. You too can become a millionaire if you have faith in yourself.

2. If you are not patient and disciplined. Money comes only to those who have a proper disciplined approach towards life.

3. Who is in search of get rich quick? Getting rich slowly will make you wealthy. You will understand this point in the masterclass.

4. Who has realistic approach towards stock market. You can't double your money daily, but there will be days when you can. I will teach to identify those days

Meet Your Mentor

Mr. Rishabh

Meet Rishabh, a financial influencer and stock market expert whose journey in the financial world has not only led him to amass a significant fortune but also positioned him as a beacon of knowledge for aspiring investors. With a track record of success in the stock market, Rishabh has transcended his personal achievements to become a dedicated educator on a mission to make India a financially literate nation.

Having honed his skills in the dynamic world of finance, Rishabh has successfully shared his insights with over 1 lakh students globally. What sets him apart is the transformative impact of his teachings – almost all of his students have evolved into independent traders, equipped with the skills and confidence to navigate the complexities of the stock market.

Rishabh’s vision goes beyond individual success stories. He is resolutely committed to the idea of financial inclusion and literacy in India. Through his teachings and outreach, he is actively working towards a future where every individual in the country is not just aware of the opportunities in the stock market but is also actively participating, making informed investment decisions.

In a landscape where financial knowledge is often seen as complex and exclusive, Rishabh’s mission is to simplify and democratize it. Through his work as a financial influencer and educator, he strives to create a ripple effect, empowering individuals across India to embrace financial literacy and actively engage in the world of stock market investments.


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Frequestly Asked Questions

You must. Because we will orient you to Trading Success. With the Profit Triangle framework, you will be able to succeed.

However, we won’t be covering much on what is a moving average, or what is a super trend, we might cover how to use a Super Trend…

But we will tell you the best resources to study…

We Provide World Class Strategies

For you to make 1 lakh per month consistently

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